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Recreational Boating Motorboats

We supply 3-, 4- and 5-blade propellers for motorboats.

Choosing the number of propeller blades  
As every vessel has its own line, sailing area and engine, it is not possible to make universal statements about what is best. Each situation is unique and therefore you can count on us to make a customised calculation for your ship of which propeller is best as far as the number of blades and their width are concerned. The lower the number of  blades the greater the output will be. A greater number of blades will be quieter, though.

Choice of materials 
Your sailing area is also important for the choice of materials. Manganese bronze is a good choice for fresh-water sailing. For salt-water sailing a CuNiAl (Copper – Nickel – Aluminium) propeller is recommended. This type has a longer life span, as it will not strip.

Repair/Adjustment on location

see: Yacht service

Repairing procedures 
A propeller that has to be repaired is measured on a straightening bench, checking measurements and being straightened when necessary. The propeller will be positioned at the right angle so the blades are calibrated, creating geometric balance. The propeller will be finished and balanced out statically.

Dynamic balancing 
For semi and gliders, propellers must be dynamically balanced. We can do this for you.

We also offer ….
anything to do with engine traction. Ask for our pricelist stating all the products we offer.

Outboard motors 
We also repair aluminium propellers, which is always cheaper than buying a new one, even though some may tell you otherwise.

If the tail-piece of your outboard engine has been damaged, we shall repair it for you.